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Roasted Duck

Roasted Duck with sweet red wine sauce (twenty)

Chicken Parmesan

Traditional breaded parmesan with fresh tomato and muenster cheese. Finished baked in a cream sauce served on a bed of angel hair noodles (nineteen)

Pork Shank

Braised pork shank on a port wine (price)

Chicken Curry

Chicken curry served on a bed of wild rice (nineteen)

Costone Cowboy

Bone in Cowboy steak over sun-dried garlic butter sauce (twenty eight)

Lamb Shank

Braised lamb shank with a red wine reduction sauce (twenty eight)


8 oz. beef tenderloin with gorgonzola cheese sauce or green peppercorn sauce (twenty nine)

Rack of Lamb

Herb encrusted rack of lamb served over garlic mashed potatoes with sauteed spinach with lamb balsamic reduction (twenty two)

Veal Piccata

Tenderized Veal cutlet with a lemon caper sauce (twenty one)

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