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Nicola’s Salad

Spring mix, shaved carrots, chopped tomato, cucumber, sweet red onions with olive oil and sweet balsamic vinegar (five)

Ceasar Salad

Traditional caesar salad with Nicola’s ceasar dressing, parmesan flakes and fresh romaine lettuce and croutons, sweet balsamic vinegar. (five)

Monica Ceasar Wedge with Crispy Bacon

Crispy lettuce wedge, Nicola’s ceasar dressing, bleu cheese, croutons, fresh chopped tomato, shaved parmesan cheese, crispy bacon and a drizzle of sweet balsamic vinegar (five)

Tomato Mozzarella

Tomato and mozzarella with olive oil, basil, and oregano (five)  Add avocado (two fifty)

Beet Salad

Sweet fresh beets on a bed of spring mix, light sprinkle of bleu cheese, caramelized walnuts complimented with tear drop walnut oil and balsamic vinegar (six)

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